I bought these shoes because their design felt very retro and the sole looked like it will give a lot of grip. As I am on a budget, I intend to use this shoe as an allrounder shoe: running, workout and everyday use. The shoes arrived today (2022-05-30). Here are my daily observations of the shoe:

Day 1 (2022-05-30)

Feels good on foot. Has a snug fit. True to size. Not too much cushioning on the sole which is something I like because I like recieving the feedback when my foot hits the ground. The laces are flat and I liked them but I would have preferred a slightly longer lace. Can’t do a runner’s knot with these laces because firstly they are a bit short and secondly the shoe is missing the holes near the ankle that is needed to tie a runner’s knot. I think it’s because this is not meant to be a running shoe but a lifestyle shoe. I took the shoe for a 1.5km run. I really love how the shoe felt on my foot while running. But after sometime my foot started feeling hot. Unsure if that is because of the shoe though. Also I didn’t do a double knot but the laces never untied while running. My avg pace during the run was 7’39’’. Lastly I love how the shoe looks on my foot. Has a very retro style. Even the Nike text has a retro font. Also the design and the color of the shoe will go with any casual outfit.

Day 2 (2022-05-31)

No complains till now. Feels really comfortable. Looks amazing with dark blue jeans. I wish I would have taken a photo but I forgot. Will do it some other day. I wore it from 1000hrs to 2030hrs. I didn’t feel any discomfort at all. Only in the afternoon when I was outside the shoe got a little bit hot but that was supposed to happen as the temperature was really high in the afternoon (approx 37 deg celsius)

Day 3 (2022-06-01)

The only change in observation is when I was walking fast at night my toe were paining a bit. Unclear if it is for the shoe.

Fig 1: Nike Waffle Debut on Foot

Day 4 (2022-06-02)

Went to the gym wearing these. Looks amazing with workout clothes as well. Because of the firm feedback from the floor, the workouts also felt great. After that went for a 1km run. No significant changes in observation during run. But after run, the lace on the left shoe untied. After tying it back didn’t face anymore problems.

Day N (2022-06-24) Conclusion

The shoe has been performing fantastic so far. They are incredibly comfortable. I have been wearing them throughout the day and use them for gym and my runs as well. If I really have to knitpick, the problems with the shoes are that the lace tends to become loose over time. I have found that tying the lace tightly and doing a double knot prevents this from happening. Another problem is that in an indoor wet surface like on a wet tile, the shoe tends to slip. Other than these the shoe is fantastic. Would reccomend getting these as an allrounder shoe.